Scenography: ARRO Studio

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Process is the keyword: the Design [R]evolution exhibition will allow visitors to discover stories behind the object, connecting each design with some artifact or theme developed in the museum permanent collection.

The idea of stratum, as an accumulation of knowledges one inherits and has to enrich before transmitting again, will highlight and shape a formal interpretation of evolution, guiding visitors and emphasizing the notion of dialogue between the exhibition’s objects and the museum’s collection.

« It will act as a bridge between key inventions of the past centuries and some of today’s creations setting milestones in innovation, shaping the future of design. From a pedagogical point of view (the museum never showed design before, and the exhibition has to be understandable to the general public), we aim to explain and illustrate where new ideas come from, what existed before and the role designers have to fulfill nowadays. »

Linen plays an essential role here, linking yesterday and tomorrow: the embodiement of technical evolution, a strong symbol of heritage, of know-how, linen highlights the ongoing bond, giving hints towards future applications.

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