design [R]evolution

« Simplicity of device is always the sign of the master, whether in science or in art. » Richard C. Maclaurin

An unexpected dialogue takes place between the pioneering inventions collected by the French Musée des arts et métiers (National museum of arts and crafts) and the contemporary designs on display -some of them specifically produced for this event. Focused on technological innovation and the reinterpretation of heritage, shaping the future of design, these objects are not the result of a revolution – but of ongoing evolution.

Designers: Mathieu Lehanneur, Yves Behar, Kiki van Eijk, Färg & Blanche, Staffan Holm, Alain Gilles, Adrien Rovero, Claudia Caviezel, Erik Arlen & Ludovic Roth, Marc Thorpe, Marine Peyre, MIHA studio, Fabrice Berrux, Atelier Cocorico

(Curation: Élodie Palasse-Leroux / Scenography: ARRO studio)

Design [R]evolution